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Pretty POSTERS – CERA Earthquake Recovery

Another of these mini articles found unBLOGGED in the gallery…

some nice newspaper centre spreads we did a few years ago now:


Christchurch is still in the midst of Quake rebuilds.
The new city plan was established by the Christchurch Earthquake Recovery Authority, or CERA as it was known.

When your city has come down and you’ve been……

Real Estate Visualisations

Next up in my series of “Bonus mini articles I found in my Gallery but never posted on the Blog.” is an entry from the imaginary estates of reality…. real estate visualisations!

The investors need to see the planned building before they sign the cheque… You have the dibs on a property but don’t want to……

business mascots- The moving Box Guy

I feel tempted to tell you about the MOST BIZZARRE TELEMARKETING call ever (which I had this morning) but the day is RUNNING TOO FAST to type up the tale.
INSTEAD I have for you PART TWO of the “Bonus mini articles I found in my Gallery but never posted on the Blog.”

A small business……

The Last Avatar- Ear Benders & Social Media.

Just starting a new series under the label “Bonus mini articles I found in my Gallery but never posted on the Blog.”
Today? Social Media Avatars, with lots of pictures- What Ho!

You have to stand out in the hurly burly of Facebook, twitter or even the skype phonebook.
As for blogs, a good……

Celebrity Caricature- Mayor Bob Parker and the Airport Bosses

After the quake Christchurch suffered a drop in tourism. Mayor Bob Parker (and former TV celebrity) and the  various heads of Chch tourism and the Airport (That’s Jim Bolt in the pinstripe, with the smooth head) headed to Malaysia to resell the wonders of our city. They came back with numerous humorous anecdotes which they……

Health ++ enters + the + Di-gi-tal age++


Hmm, interesting title. Really got some pluses! I have to “add” these shared records have nothing to do with doctors borrowing LP’s, 45’s or 78’s.

Okay. What’s this thing about digital health then? Nowt to do with Norton’s, firewalls or infectious emails either.
It’s all about your GP being able to……

Getting ready for the boom

The largest portion of today’s population were born in the fifties and sixties. In fact they SIGNIFICANTLY outnumber their descendants and this poses a challenge: How will their descendants support and care for the Baby Boomers when they start to get old?

Canterbury District Health Board is the world model in preparing for this future, they……

Folks, they DO listen to you- even without satire!

The NZ Inland Revenue have recently expanded the job titles for folks in the creative professions.
I’m a little bit pleased to report that this year I’ll be paying tax as a cartoonist instead of as a commercial artist!
We asked ’em a year or two back about this and it’s come to pass. Official……

Remembering the good bits: with caricatures.

I wish this one came out as a book!
A few months back I was invited to hear some anecdotes from one of Christchurch’s retired businessmen.
His eightieth birthday was nigh and he requested some entertaining “snaps” to accompany his reminiscences at the party. I got just enough information to make the drawings but was……

Meet Dan the builder- the Paintin’, Buildin’ business mascot.

The bloke from Best Trade tools came to me last year and said he wanted a graphic that any builder could identify with and consider worthy of trust.

Not “the ultimate, super builder,” mind, just a good guy. He’d welcome all to the site and make ’em feel right at home, while alerting them to the……