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Hand inked Fan art, part 1

tinkling triangles pinup detail

Following on from my last post of… ohh, precisely four years ago… here’s something else we love to do at commissioned fan art for your wall!
This particular poster may be of characters unfamiliar to you, but not for long: these glamourous rockers are the intergalactic popsters “the Tinkling Triangles” by British comic legend……

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Web ads- always better by an artist

illustrated web ad

Fact: Hand crafted ads get a better response than banners using photo manipulation or vector artwork.
They’re more economic than a competent graphic designer too:
Have a look at

-artwork created for

Now that we’ve got that bit of honest propaganda out of the……

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The Familiar Kiwi Villa

Kiwi Villa

If you live in New Zealand you’ll  know the Kiwi Villa is part of the landscape’s essence.

Anywhere else a villa is a sprawling home of the wealthy: In America a villa might have columns bunged all over the place and be three stories tall. In days of Rome it was the country mansion complete with……

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So What IS it?


What IS It?

Leave your answers in the comments.

An unhelpful clue:

It first appeared in the Fracas at the Space Café:

but that doesn’t necessarily tell us a thing!

Let me know, if you can at……

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Can somebody answer that?

somebody anwer that?

-When Communications break down.

Opinion: English is the coolest language in the world. Why?

Just is. Even if the “Academie Francais” (French language police) see it as their personal nemesis.
They run around France fining people if they speak or write English.

For that matter, they’re not fond of dialects developing…….

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Storyboarding – in full Technicolor


Early in the year some of NZ’s filmmakers found themselves with a rush commission and TheCartoonist was called midweekend to storyboard at short notice. 48 hours of work, 40 frames of film direction. Hey, let’s strut our stuff and really show what we can do at a pinch: we’ll provide ‘em in full colour and……

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This is How We Do It- Staff Training at the Christchurch City Council

Staff Training

A few years back the EARTH moved under our feet and the roads in the city of Christchurch had to be redone all at once.

The Christchurch City Council, restorer of roads and footpaths, found themselves in the ultimate freakout: Numerous bituminous contractors metalling tarmac in greater count than pupae in a fly farm.
Think Sauron’s……

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When is a Cheese like a potato?

holey one

The straight answer is to do with the names given to the holes in Swiss Cheese, let’s deal with that first.

(…but there are SO MANY potential answers to the above question if taken as a joke, we’ve gotta come back to that, right?)

First: The Straight Answer:

The GOOD holes in Swiss Cheese are known as EYES…….

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Holidays- when one goes a hobbyin’ like a professional

music. turn it up!

See actual vid at the bottom of post…

 and New Year,
here in the Southern Hemisphere:

Former sportsmen are a’sailing,  
Geographica Fanatic are 

But the part time creator makes his mess.
On holiday,  
life is at its best.


But the poet DIDN’T mention the case of the……

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Gifts for success this Christmas!

home lobotomizer

“OH! Just what I always wanted!” said Jack.

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