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This is How We Do It- Staff Training at the Christchurch City Council

Staff Training

A few years back the EARTH moved under our feet and the roads in the city of Christchurch had to be redone all at once.

The Christchurch City Council, restorer of roads and footpaths, found themselves in the ultimate freakout: Numerous bituminous contractors metalling tarmac in greater count than pupae in a fly farm.
Think Sauron’s……

More CDHB pictorial presentations- the Canterbury Tree

CDHB Canterbury District Health Board TREE

The Canterbury District Health Board is being watched by the best government health departments around the world. For a reason…

They’re the world’s cutting edge in health-system change and in preparing for the time that the baby-boomer population has aged.
These elder folks of ours will outnumber the remaining workin’, tax paying population. They won’t have enough……

Getting ready for the boom

The largest portion of today’s population were born in the fifties and sixties. In fact they SIGNIFICANTLY outnumber their descendants and this poses a challenge: How will their descendants support and care for the Baby Boomers when they start to get old?

Canterbury District Health Board is the world model in preparing for this future, they……

Animation: Christchurch Rebuild – Accessible city meeting summary

Christchurch City is getting an extensive rebuild after the damage in the 2010/2011 quakes. Various groups including the Canterbury District Health Board and representatives of the aged and disabled want to see the city accessible to everybody…….