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About us

“work CAN be fun,” said Brendoon the cartoonist, brewing coffee, his domed brow nigh complete on concocting a compelling cartoon for a corporate customer’s promo.

Off to one side Nina was brainstorming concepts and plans, checking accuracy and shearing unnecessary costs. She holds up her cup for a refill…

With a bit of relief we discovered there’s life outside the box, that the world wasn’t REALLY a stress-filled corporate construct and we thought you all might like a bit o’ that too.

Why not? Let your workers, clients and customers spend their time and their money with a smile in their step and a snap in their fingers. Art should come off the gallery wall and be part of the work environment…

we know consumers prefer your business interface to be enjoyable.

After years of seeing the serious corporate facade presented through photographic manipulation and sophistication we began to wonder “is all of this grim faced stuff really telling the truth? Can it be trusted by the consumer?”

It turns out we’d all turned a cynical cheek to corporate claims.  Modern minds only trust the economist and the comedian to trade in truth.

Good for them. Still, we can’t ALL be funny, right?

B&N were gratified to find their cartoons gobbled up for use in staff training by a number of NZ’s top 100 employers.

One member of the Executive Management team of the Canterbury District Health Board said:

“you don’t realise the
value you add!” 

we’ll take their word on it since
its a real good ‘un.

In fact, that client alone has taken organisational charts by B&N all around the world.

When Shell Energy International was trying to decide the future of energy and knew it wasn’t oil, it was B&N’s Painted presentations used to convey  the discussion point.

We can go on, but there’s a whole history of case studies in the “Cartoon Blog.”  Brew a coffee and treat yourself to a browse!

-Brendon Wright,
Head Illustrator
B&N CREATIONS cropped-cropped-BNIllus3Bsmall.png

“THANK YOU so much for all your work on the latest ARP poster. We love it!! I think I even love it more than the first one which I didn’t think was possible.We’re doing a massive print run of posters for schools, and it will also appear in the Future Christchurch Update for November. ....has been a pleasure working with you.”

Jane Mahoney Senior Advisor MarketingCanterbury Earthquake Recovery Authority (CERA)

"Brendon has been doing illustrations and posters for my books and my work in schools for over 10 years now. His posters, charts and illustrations have really appealed to the children (and teachers) I work with. They love the bright colours and variety of interesting characters that he has created. The posters are eye catching and very clearly portray the information to be shared."

Martin Van Der KleyResource Teacher of Learning and Behaviour

“Love your work and thanks for just being an out of sightly amazing artist!”

Chris MeneDirector, Mene Solutions Ltd | Director, Canterbury District Health Board | Chairperson, CDHB Disability Support Advisory Committee | Chairperson, Core Education Ltd | Trustee, Sport Canterbury | Trustee, Wayne Francis Charitable Trust | Board Member, Inspiring Communities | Chief Fat Boy, Fat Boys Club

“Brendon has worked on a number of complex and demanding jobs for me. I use him because he delivers excellent work, on time and to the brief. I have no hesitation in recommending Brendon.”

Roger Dennisconsultant: innovation | foresight |

"Brendon is very obliging and happy to modify or redo illustrations until they are exactly how you want them. – Overall a great guy who does great work at great prices. – Thanks Brendon"

Martin Van Der KleyResource Teacher of Learning and Behaviour

“Brendon is fabulously creative and easy to work with, his illustrations brought the characters of my children's storybook to life. My youngest (now three) asks for Ovkors the horse every night.”

Dr. Nick Draper Author; Adjunct Professor, School of Sport and Physical Education, University of Canterbury.



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