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  • Fracas at the space cafe- Diner
    The Space Cafe on Mars (Animation) one stop for all yer cosmic fries and shakes!
  • Visualisation for CERA in the Christchurch rebuild
    Detail From Poster for CERA: The Avon River North Frame as it should appear after restoration.
  • B&N: Cartoons, Caricatures & Animations
    Cartoons, Caricatures & Animations

What would YOU use an Illustrator for?

Waaaaaaal,  there is of course cartoon PIRATES, which is the main thing you might use an artist for.

Cartoonists are useful for drawing your daily pirate...
BUT that’s not all if you’re an imaginative sort of person…. You might for example  use a cartoonist to do your tax returns, though that’s not great as ideas go.

Cartoonists illustrate VERY tasty maps!

Map of Otahuna Lodge, Tai Tapu – 2011

Authors have had tales decorated with our delicious digital drawings; practical power point (and prezi) presentations have popped up all over the planet with our portrayals.

National hospitals have used this company of cartoonists to create visuals for staff training and planning. Schools likewise pay us to pictorialise their teaching resources.

Web savvy experts have broadened their blogs, brightening banners with custom cartoons….

…bands add our artwork to albums securing sales of CD’s.

Try our custom caricatures for bizcards and ads.
We can manually make maps of your choice.
Draw yourself out, folks…. have a treat!



We also cater to folks of a more serious nature:

The Cartoonist from B & N Creations has been providing illustrations, fine artwork and cartoons for over a decade now.

We understand and value the expectations of a varied clientele, both private and corporate and we taper our pricing to fit your budget.

Our work is an amalgam of tradition and technology.

Our cartoonist draws by hand directly to the tablet: it’s digitised and ready for print, web or wherever your final destination might be.
B&N are based in Christchurch, New Zealand – a happy placement: The Christchurch giant CERA (Canterbury Earthquake Recovery Authority) had named us their “Preferred Supplier.”

This Cartoonist named "Preferred Supplier" of Medical Adventure.

Preferred Supplier of Medical Adventure.

CDHB (Canterbury District Health Board) comes to us regularly to spice up their Presentations, Posters and Staff Training resources.

We also supply illustrated artwork to the Canterbury Clinical Network, the South Island Health Alliance and the West Coast DHB… to the far North we’ve supplied commissions to the NDHB, painted posters for CERA and customised cartoons for the Christchurch City Council.
Our services have included art for websites, books and album covers.


A mascot captures the personality of your business. A caricature of the team rewards both the staff and boss… a memorable birthday gift.

Train your staff and educate clientele with our infographics, either static or with animation.

While we’re on business, animated video speaks brilliantly for itself… whether for advertising, seminars or corporate presentations. It’s an infographic with motion.

Our illustrative logos are more visually appealing than traditional logotypes and they bring greater recognition to your brand.

A good cartoonist has more uses than a mad scientist has cold coffees.

For a bit of inspiration have a browse through the gallery and the descriptions in the “our services” tab.