tinkling triangles pinup detail

Following on from my last post of… ohh, precisely four years ago… here’s something else we love to do at thecartoonist.net: commissioned fan art for your wall!
This particular poster may be of characters unfamiliar to you, but not for long: these glamourous rockers are the intergalactic popsters “the Tinkling Triangles” by British comic legend Steve Macmanus (you read 2000ad in the 80’s? He was the inestimable editor of that and other magazines).
I had the fortune of being selected to illustrate the strip this poster is based on, so it wasn’t at all hard to get permission. These characters have appeared in Blazer magazine and in the77.
While I nearly always work in digital, these commissioned pieces for collectors are inked by hand with a very fine brush and indian ink on Bristol paper, (the choice of comic artists ever since comics were a thing.)
This commission was for a fellow kiwi. Next time I may discuss the dynamic King Kong Commission for a collector in the UK.

The tinkling Triangles- physical art
physical artwork, indian ink on Bristol paper
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