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The Familiar Kiwi Villa

Kiwi Villa

If you live in New Zealand you’ll  know the Kiwi Villa is part of the landscape’s essence.

Anywhere else a villa is a sprawling home of the wealthy: In America a villa might have columns bunged all over the place and be three stories tall. In days of Rome it was the country mansion complete with……

Gifts for success this Christmas!

home lobotomizer

“OH! Just what I always wanted!” said Jack.

There’s GREEN in them thar Hills- TASMANIA


Every now and then ya just have to kick about with the client in person.
Just this morning TheCartoonist staff arrived back in town from meeting with a client in Tasmania.
After a dry spring they’ve just been deluged with rain and the place was GREEN!
Christchurch, NZ’s great-green garden city is more……

More Maps- Otahuna Lodge

Some time back was called on to provide a map for the guests at Taitapu’s luxury Hotel, Otahuna Lodge.
I haven’t looked lately, but this place was popping up on lists for the elite all over the world. If I recall it won top awards in one of those tasty foreign magazines that……

The Ol’ 404 error page-when your website wakes up with Amnesia

So! for the first time ever- your website is givin’ ya 404 errors.
Whut th’ heck? That page USED to be there…

Izzit Brain Freeze?
An attack from hostile cosmic communist agents?
Is the internet developing digital alzheimers disease?
Has that mad, mundanely manky site manager made a mighty muckup?

There’s potential for any of these,……

Some folks prefer PAINT- logo for Te Whakapono Trust

painted logo

It’s unusual in this era to have painted artwork for your corporate look instead of pantone-picked vectors.
As an artist, corporate logos aren’t my usual fare either- One client wanted something a bit special though, a logo captured in Paua shell and Hokitika greenstone.
That sort of thing’s a job for a painter rather than……


NZ’s Black billed – most endangered Gull in the World

cartoon of black billed gull

You’ve probably seen this wee bloke but mistaken him for his more common cousin, the Red Billed… who shared many of your school lunches over the years.

The black billed is a little slimmer than the red, with a longer beak. Also, while the red is classified as “declining,” the black is “Critical” and has the……


The Black Teal- Daffy’s special forces cousin from Kiwiland

Cartoon of NZ scaup

Known to hang around in the same military bars as the outspoken Aussie Coot, the New Zealand Scaup is a diving specialist.
Not often seen in an aqualung, he prefers to dive unassisted to show off his true specialty.

Amongst locals he comes under a variety of aliases. Some know him as papango, also……

(…rest of this……

Can you judge a book by a GOOD cover?

Brisket Bed and Breakfast illustration

Yup. Sure can.

(This is an approximation of the second of ten posts that went missing in action. I hope they come back alive, but until then…)

Robinne Weiss has been using the Cartoonist for a while now, and it can only cast a good reflection on her writing, I think.

Here are……

Ecological Illumination- fishy biz is what it is

painted nature

The ART of Natural history- fish portraiture:

(This is an approximation of the first one of ten posts that went missing in action. I hope they come back alive, but until then…)

The Avon River still has fish, bird and plant life in spite of winding through a city of 400,000 people.

These pencil……