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At the cartoonist!

Or bronzed off?
She certainly wasn’t gullible.

NZ’s Black billed – most endangered Gull in the World

cartoon of black billed gull

You’ve probably seen this wee bloke but mistaken him for his more common cousin, the Red Billed… who shared many of your school lunches over the years.

The black billed is a little slimmer than the red, with a longer beak. Also, while the red is classified as “declining,” the black is “Critical” and has the……


The Paradise Shelduck- Winged sheep o’ the lowlands

Anoo’er wee bairdy we have ’round the lowlands o’ Christchurch is the Paradise Shelduck.
These good lookin’ couples are endemic to New Zealand but are up for grabs in the hunting season.

“Tadorna variegata” (once also known as Putangitangi) is a herbivorous grazer which makes ’em a lover of sports fields and an irritant to farmers.


The Black Teal- Daffy’s special forces cousin from Kiwiland

Cartoon of NZ scaup

Known to hang around in the same military bars as the outspoken Aussie Coot, the New Zealand Scaup is a diving specialist.
Not often seen in an aqualung, he prefers to dive unassisted to show off his true specialty.

Amongst locals he comes under a variety of aliases. Some know him as papango, also……

(…rest of this……

Ecological Illumination- fishy biz is what it is

painted nature

The ART of Natural history- fish portraiture:

(This is an approximation of the first one of ten posts that went missing in action. I hope they come back alive, but until then…)

The Avon River still has fish, bird and plant life in spite of winding through a city of 400,000 people.

These pencil……

Celebrity Caricature- Mayor Bob Parker and the Airport Bosses

After the quake Christchurch suffered a drop in tourism. Mayor Bob Parker (and former TV celebrity) and the  various heads of Chch tourism and the Airport (That’s Jim Bolt in the pinstripe, with the smooth head) headed to Malaysia to resell the wonders of our city. They came back with numerous humorous anecdotes which they……

Remembering the good bits: with caricatures.

I wish this one came out as a book!
A few months back I was invited to hear some anecdotes from one of Christchurch’s retired businessmen.
His eightieth birthday was nigh and he requested some entertaining “snaps” to accompany his reminiscences at the party. I got just enough information to make the drawings but was……

Mower Boys – Retro Logo with Caricature

The key brief for this job was to create a logo which included a caricature of the two brothers pushing a lawn mower. I was aware the boys’ grandfather had collected classic sports cars over the years, so I thought the lawn mower really ought to be something special.

It turned out that adding the hood and grille……

Saving time with Big Heads


It’s Tutorial time, folks!

The no fuss quick-cut caricature trick (say THAT 5x fast!)
which involves gene splicing Oompa Loompas with your friends and family.

Yup, that’s just as twisted as it sounds.
Our guinea pigs in this demonstration are, or were, the Canterbury Home Educators Committee members from a couple of years back.
These fine……

While we’re on the subject… Presents!!

Featured photo above:  For the yearbook-The Canterbury Home Schooling Committee 2014. 

Let’s pause the Kiwi inventors and get edified on the new gallery of caricatures.
remember, BRILLIANT gifts. Chrithmas cometh!
But I digreth:

Caricatures aren’t just for taking the mick outta politicians…
OR glamming up your cafe with the rich and famous.

Caricatures get commissioned as 21st gifts, Bosses have……