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While we’re on the subject… Presents!!

Happy Committee small

Featured photo above:  For the yearbook-The Canterbury Home Schooling Committee 2014. 

Let’s pause the Kiwi inventors and get edified on the new gallery of caricatures.
remember, BRILLIANT gifts. Chrithmas cometh!
But I digreth:

Caricatures aren’t just for taking the mick outta politicians…
OR glamming up your cafe with the rich and famous.

Caricatures get commissioned as 21st gifts, Bosses have……

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Cards don’t hunt in packs

wall 019 300dpi

Over the years we’ve had to play with a number of different cards for clients. The result is a pretty good hand, covering everything from Christmas cards to business cards.

The above  card was for the web company Left Click, who wanted to give the message “we know what you’re looking for, stop monkeying with the……

Sharing is fun...