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Category: Martian Law

Meanwhile, back on the Metropelos…

SO. While all THAT was going on in Mars (as we know it from Marty’s perspective in the77), what was happening on the ol’ Mother Planet? If Marty’s been a lawman for forty years, what time is it on Earth, and can we fit in another coffee before dinner?

The Martian Conspiracy-Part 1

Detailing the world of Martian Law from the the77 comic

Article by Brendon Wright

Historical revisionism is nothing new. In fact, were we to look back with the “eyeglass of truth” we may discover a slight… divergence from the world as we knew it for the last 80 years. IN FACT, when mankind……

Introduction – the… Martypedia?!?

No doubt y’all have read the77 comic by now and noticed that a bi-monthly 5 page tale can’t give as much background info as you might comfortably feast upon.

No doubt you’ve seen “Fracas at the Space Cafe,” an amusingly animated music video elsewhere on this site.