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No doubt y’all have read the77 comic by now and noticed that a bi-monthly 5 page tale can’t give as much background info as you might comfortably feast upon.

No doubt you’ve seen “Fracas at the Space Cafe,” an amusingly animated music video elsewhere on this site.

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No doubt you’ve read, in that very famous magazine “The77”* a series of tales entitled “Martian Law”.

(*all the way from the United Kingdom’s hottest publishing house.)

This here is the answer to JUST what you’ve been asking yourself when you said :

“where can I find the encyclopaedic information that no doubt exists behind such an IN DEPTH and serious undertaking that MARTIAN LAW evidently appears to be?”

Here, week by week, plundered from the world-buildin’-bible that already exists behind this inexplicably intellectual narrative, you will find the detailed answers to the following and more…

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How ON EARTH did those fine folks on Mars GET THERE all that time ago without anybody knowin’?

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What was Marty’s World War II service record before he became Sheriff at the diminutive Martian county (pop. 4,760), and what’s his response to politics?
Why did his dear departed mama lumber him with a name like “Clarence Herbert O’Martyan”?


Who is Cheryl’s mysterious daddy?
Why’d he teach her to beat on pesky boys and why’s he now doing a stretch at the neighbourin’ county’s lockup? Fer that matter, why does the USAM army borrow him from that lockup for days at a time?

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Why is the Martian day 40 minutes longer than ours and why do they have CO2 snow at the South Pole?
Why does the local preacher have the uncomfortable moniker of “Parson Blood”?
Is it really a good idea to swallow a parsonogenic pathogen and what would one do if you did?

THE ANSWERS to all of these burning questions and more will be provided in coming weeks, an effective and scintillating supplement to the sagacious saga from the SEVENTY SEVEN.



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