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So What IS it?


What IS It?

Leave your answers in the comments.

An unhelpful clue:

It first appeared in the Fracas at the Space Café:

but that doesn’t necessarily tell us a thing!

Let me know, if you can at……

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Ecological Illumination- fishy biz is what it is

painted nature

The ART of Natural history- fish portraiture:

(This is an approximation of the first one of ten posts that went missing in action. I hope they come back alive, but until then…)

The Avon River still has fish, bird and plant life in spite of winding through a city of 400,000 people.

These pencil……

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Now Acceptin-Medical housecalls for your Hammond

Now acceptin med

“Obi-Wan-Drawbar’s force-ghost appeared at the console and produced an ephemeral tongue depressor. ‘Pull out your 8′ and say Ahhhhh’ he said coolly.” (An 8′ is an organ stop, a tonebar on a Hammond organ. Nothing at all improper, you understand). This was a web-ad commissioned from us at …

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Health ++ enters + the + Di-gi-tal age++

Shared Health Record small


Hmm, interesting title. Really got some pluses! I have to “add” these shared records have nothing to do with doctors borrowing LP’s, 45’s or 78’s.

Okay. What’s this thing about digital health then? Nowt to do with Norton’s, firewalls or infectious emails either.
It’s all about your GP being able to……

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A passing clue…

Name the NZ idea 1

A well researched reader has worked out most of the items in the above pic. There’s JUST ONE he couldn’t get, so here’s a closeup…. and another day or two to guess.

Click on the pic for a closer look

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Kiwi Heroes: World changers not often celebrated

Name the NZ idea 1

Every country has is pool of brilliance, but I wonder if the proportion becomes higher in the smaller nations.
Here in the land of the Kiwi we don’t often celebrate our past, perhaps because we’re still so young as nations go.

We have one fifteenth the population of the UK and a similar landmass.
We’re still outgrowing our……

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