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Holidays- when one goes a hobbyin’ like a professional

music. turn it up!

See actual vid at the bottom of post…

 and New Year,
here in the Southern Hemisphere:

Former sportsmen are a’sailing,  
Geographica Fanatic are 

But the part time creator makes his mess.
On holiday,  
life is at its best.


But the poet DIDN’T mention the case of the……

Interlude for off-duty monsters

Cool summery music vid

This post comes with music. Click to play!

What does a green, creative, flat-headed monster do on his weekends?
Aside from monster gardening and respectfully attending monster-morning-prayer there’s not much left.
Except for more creative stuff.

Our suave shambler likes to croon about his favourite gal.
Thanks to Frankenhands the fretboard……

Silly stuff- when The wolfman shaves his noggin.

chas williams shaved wolfman

This was from a vid done for songwritin,’ pickin,’ strummin’ and wailin’ country dude Chas Williams. (see

Even everyone’s favourite wolfman finds his hairline receding… you know when it’s time for that “50 plus” close shave!

You’re driving it, dude! The Kiwi perfection of petrol moderation.

Even by World War I the motorcar was a thirsty contraption.

The 12 step program at “Gasoholics Anonymous” is for HOBBY DRINKERS compared to the SUV’s guzzlin’ greatgrandaddies.

It took Invercargill adventurer, sporting champ and serial inventor Ernest Godward to come up with the forerunner of today’s carburettor.
His  “Vaporiser” (née Economiser) used the……

Kiwis: International Racin’ Relations

Over the last few posts we’ve been discussing one scene in the animated music video for Chas Williams’s song “Something about this place,” the scene pictured in the above image.

Above: The music vid.

Starting second from the right was a stylised atom, meant to represent the work by Kiwi Ernest Rutherford. Next to appear……

Kiwi Heroes – part 2: Atomic Kiwi

If you recall from Friday, anyone reading this is invited to guess the Kiwi innovations and innovators (pictured above) before the post which follows this one. I’ll chuck your caricature in for free to  commiserate your evidently overworked brain.

Ahhhh, Inventive Kiwi’s, THAT’S the stuff of life!

To make your guesses a……

Kiwi Heroes: World changers not often celebrated

Every country has is pool of brilliance, but I wonder if the proportion becomes higher in the smaller nations.
Here in the land of the Kiwi we don’t often celebrate our past, perhaps because we’re still so young as nations go.

We have one fifteenth the population of the UK and a similar landmass.
We’re still outgrowing our……

Animation (completed)- Fracas at the Space Cafe

Click “Play” and turn up the volume!

The Christmas holidays of 2014 approached and a measure of concern was working its way into my worry box.

“I don’t have nearly enough jobs involving pictures

of planets, swathes of stars or classic cars,”

I said. “Nor do I have provincial policemen with pistols, winsome waitresses on jet skates or Elvises juggling……

Fracas at the Space Cafe – Animated Music Video

This is a total “strut yer stuff” trip with no budget but also no holds barred. Under the guise of the “Ancient Troubadour” we completed the tune “Fracas at the space Cafe” in time for Christmas,  this is the HD vid which will help market the tune to the hip young things who go in……

Animation: Cloudcharger- Satirical Interlude

Adobe got tired of their clients not buying the new version of their “Creative Suite” every year, so they recently instituted a monthly rental to keep the money rolling in. Their idea that the customer exists for the business rather than the business for the customer left me feeling like spooks wuz in th’ house…….