Fracas 07

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The Christmas holidays of 2014 approached and a measure of concern was working its way into my worry box.

“I don’t have nearly enough jobs involving pictures

of planets, swathes of stars or classic cars,”

I said. “Nor do I have provincial policemen with pistols, winsome waitresses on jet skates or Elvises juggling flaming oranges,” I confirmed.

SO a piece of music was, that very holiday, composed and recorded by my alter ego, “The Ancient Troubadour” which contained all of those elements and giving a gratuitous excuse to create such an ambitious animation. It stretched the skills and showcased a skill relatively new to us at B&N Creations, it’s since spawned several commissions, so it’s been a fruitful frippery!


The car park on Mars… which also later reveals itself as a popular parking place for a multitude of other movie mobile vehicularity.


The cafe floor in which the lads enact their rockabilly ruckus.


The stout-hearted Sherriff who sends the insensitive galactic noise pollution partakers on their way.

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