music. turn it up!
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 and New Year,
here in the Southern Hemisphere:

Former sportsmen are a’sailing,  
Geographica Fanatic are 

But the part time creator makes his mess.
On holiday,  
life is at its best.


But the poet DIDN’T mention the case of the commercial creator.
His holiday is for digging out unfinished masterpieces, the labours of love.

These are the bits one would blush to put a price to.

Sometimes these masterworks  can be called professional development but sometimes they’re so drastically unrelated to our regular jobs we can’t figure out how to claim it as a work expense.

The artist from takes on two guises during the holiday. The first is that of the COMIC BOOK creator. This chap enjoys the smell of worn newsprint as it appeared between the mid 1950’s and the mid 1980’s. A future post will describe the processes involved in reproducing the print methods of the era, comic books were a different experience than they are now, and quite frankly, retro is cool!

Holiday disguise #2: Muse and Music

What ISN’T normally seen in this blog is the artist’s alter-ego. Our cartoonist also becomes “The Ancient Troubadour” a master of song who has recorded tales since Adam was a schoolboy.
Here’s his latest, turn it up LOUD and enjoy.


Happy new year!


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