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Web ads- always better by an artist

illustrated web ad

Fact: Hand crafted ads get a better response than banners using photo manipulation or vector artwork.
They’re more economic than a competent graphic designer too:
Have a look at

-artwork created for

Now that we’ve got that bit of honest propaganda out of the way…

So What IS it?


What IS It?

Leave your answers in the comments.

An unhelpful clue:

It first appeared in the Fracas at the Space Café:

but that doesn’t necessarily tell us a thing!

Let me know, if you can at……

When is a Cheese like a potato?

The straight answer is to do with the names given to the holes in Swiss Cheese, let’s deal with that first.

(…but there are SO MANY potential answers to the above question if taken as a joke, we’ve gotta come back to that, right?)

First: The Straight Answer:

The GOOD holes in Swiss Cheese are known as EYES…….

Gifts for success this Christmas!

home lobotomizer

“OH! Just what I always wanted!” said Jack.

Time- removed from Endangered list, now “believed Extinct”

Pocket watch

Once upon a time the merry folk of England’s green and pleasant land were familiar with a beast known as “the moment.”
In fact there was such a supply of moments that they found all manner of purposes with which to employ this abundant living resource.

Throughout the 20th Century this unprotected supbspecies became increasingly decreased……


At the cartoonist!

Or bronzed off?
She certainly wasn’t gullible.

Meet the man in charge- cartoon for CDHB presentation

cartoon-when you think you're in control

Back before the Canterbury Health board began its world-class system innovations they noticed that what was called a “system” was far from systematic.
Like an elephant who’s gotten scent of a sweet mud bath, this system seemed to be steering itself in spite of what the people in charge told it.
TheCartoonist was commissioned to……

NZ’s Black billed – most endangered Gull in the World

cartoon of black billed gull

You’ve probably seen this wee bloke but mistaken him for his more common cousin, the Red Billed… who shared many of your school lunches over the years.

The black billed is a little slimmer than the red, with a longer beak. Also, while the red is classified as “declining,” the black is “Critical” and has the……


The Paradise Shelduck- Winged sheep o’ the lowlands

Anoo’er wee bairdy we have ’round the lowlands o’ Christchurch is the Paradise Shelduck.
These good lookin’ couples are endemic to New Zealand but are up for grabs in the hunting season.

“Tadorna variegata” (once also known as Putangitangi) is a herbivorous grazer which makes ’em a lover of sports fields and an irritant to farmers.


The Black Teal- Daffy’s special forces cousin from Kiwiland

Cartoon of NZ scaup

Known to hang around in the same military bars as the outspoken Aussie Coot, the New Zealand Scaup is a diving specialist.
Not often seen in an aqualung, he prefers to dive unassisted to show off his true specialty.

Amongst locals he comes under a variety of aliases. Some know him as papango, also……

(…rest of this……