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Can somebody answer that?

somebody anwer that?

-When Communications break down.

Opinion: English is the coolest language in the world. Why?

Just is. Even if the “Academie Francais” (French language police) see it as their personal nemesis.
They run around France fining people if they speak or write English.

For that matter, they’re not fond of dialects developing…….

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Time- removed from Endangered list, now “believed Extinct”

Pocket watch

Once upon a time the merry folk of England’s green and pleasant land were familiar with a beast known as “the moment.”
In fact there was such a supply of moments that they found all manner of purposes with which to employ this abundant living resource.

Throughout the 20th Century this unprotected supbspecies became increasingly decreased……

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There’s GREEN in them thar Hills- TASMANIA


Every now and then ya just have to kick about with the client in person.
Just this morning TheCartoonist staff arrived back in town from meeting with a client in Tasmania.
After a dry spring they’ve just been deluged with rain and the place was GREEN!
Christchurch, NZ’s great-green garden city is more……

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The Ol’ 404 error page-when your website wakes up with Amnesia

page not found small

So! for the first time ever- your website is givin’ ya 404 errors.
Whut th’ heck? That page USED to be there…

Izzit Brain Freeze?
An attack from hostile cosmic communist agents?
Is the internet developing digital alzheimers disease?
Has that mad, mundanely manky site manager made a mighty muckup?

There’s potential for any of these,……

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Folks, they DO listen to you- even without satire!

thats not all folks

The NZ Inland Revenue have recently expanded the job titles for folks in the creative professions.
I’m a little bit pleased to report that this year I’ll be paying tax as a cartoonist instead of as a commercial artist!
We asked ’em a year or two back about this and it’s come to pass. Official……

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