page not found small

So! for the first time ever- your website is givin’ ya 404 errors.
Whut th’ heck? That page USED to be there…

Izzit Brain Freeze?
An attack from hostile cosmic communist agents?
Is the internet developing digital alzheimers disease?
Has that mad, mundanely manky site manager made a mighty muckup?

There’s potential for any of these, but let me tell you about how I got MY special “page not found” error at

It was during a routine update of one of the site’s minor features the whole thing went into a computerised coma (that’s a 500 error– “this site has brain damage and won’t be with you any time soon”).
These little updates happen several times a month and there’s not much point making backups beforehand. They never-ever go wrong except for when they do.

They never-ever go wrong except for when they do.

I DO backup everything on the 20th of each month though, so the site can be back up in 2 minutes. (Ha! how many different ways can you use the term “Back up”? write in and let me know!) This means there are now 20 days of minor, inconsequential posts missing from the blog, but it means the social media links go to pages that my site NO LONGER REMEMBERS.

Woah. How MUCH computers are becoming more like real people, eh?
I think my website’s just become my Grandma.

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