thats not all folks

The NZ Inland Revenue have recently expanded the job titles for folks in the creative professions.
I’m a little bit pleased to report that this year I’ll be paying tax as a cartoonist instead of as a commercial artist!
We asked ’em a year or two back about this and it’s come to pass. Official and all.

Last year the Yellow pages did the same, I can’t recall If I vied for Illustrator or cartoonist, but again, it was because we (and hopefully others) asked for it.

My son is a prop-builder and model maker, at this stage he has to be satisfied with “sculptor” and “builder” but there’s time.

Changing stuff at a governmental level takes time (long, long time if it’s something important) and you can’t always get what you want, but if you try sometimes…  They DO hear ya.





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