WC DHB 2012

The largest portion of today’s population were born in the fifties and sixties. In fact they SIGNIFICANTLY outnumber their descendants and this poses a challenge: How will their descendants support and care for the Baby Boomers when they start to get old?

Canterbury District Health Board is the world model in preparing for this future, they realised our health system won’t work in its current state.
We were asked by CDHB to prepare visualisations that will assist in making the necessary changes, in staff training and in explaining the processes.
Over following weeks we’ll include different variants used by CDHB and other hospitals to explain the role of technology and communication in those changes.

WC DHB 2012

In this post: the West Coast District Health Board’s map, the first to follow CDHB’s example.

Since that time we’ve assisted numerous other District Health Boards in the same process and we’re about to cross the Tasman as Hospitals in Australia are considering the process too.



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