Shared Health Record small


Hmm, interesting title. Really got some pluses! I have to “add” these shared records have nothing to do with doctors borrowing LP’s, 45’s or 78’s.

Okay. What’s this thing about digital health then? Nowt to do with Norton’s, firewalls or infectious emails either.
It’s all about your GP being able to read your Hospital records. Let me tell the story…

Carolyn Gullery at the Canterbury District Health Board, commissioner of the original CDHB process map… (It WILL be posted here one day, but it’s ALREADY out there on the net. Seen it myself! It’s pretty famous in Health circles now) …wanted a graphic based on the original but which described how today’s digital infrastructure enhances the future of the holistic health system.

Look at that pic: you  KNOW it must be digital cos’ it has USB ports and DALEKS! (not sure Daleks are digital. They may still contain valves).

In hindsight It’s ironic in that I included The Princess Margaret Hospital  to represent “Specialist Hospitals”. Not only does PMH NOT contain a giant USB cable like in the picture, it’s all but shut down (probably still runs on Windows XP) and maybe even on the verge of meeting the Dozers.
How wrong could I have been??  Dozers are NOT such a specialist thing. Buildings in post quake Christchurch are meeting Mr Dozer all the time. Sometimes more than once.

I wonder what Princess Margaret thinks about all this?

Shared Health Record small

Gettin’ digital with the Health System.

Sharing is fun...