Pocket watch

Once upon a time the merry folk of England’s green and pleasant land were familiar with a beast known as “the moment.”
In fact there was such a supply of moments that they found all manner of purposes with which to employ this abundant living resource.

Throughout the 20th Century this unprotected supbspecies became increasingly decreased and now, bordering on 2018, the entire family Time and all its offspring, the minutes, the hours and even the unappreciated nanoseconds are nowhere to be found.
These unfortunates were lost in chasing the great excess we call “economy.”
It started by consuming childhood with universal education and then it carried on into overtime, then working weekends and right through the nights. (in case a tourist needs to buy toothpaste, you understand.)

It was hoped the last minute in captivity would produce offspring, but you must have at least TWO minutes to create more.
Because it requires spare time to go out into the wild, not a second has been seen in the world’s forests for years, and the final captive minute passed on unnoticed (about sixty seconds ago).

This is all very sad, but I’ll let you in on a little secret…
I’ve got quite a few minutes hidden up my sleeve and I’m happy to share ’em… if you’ve got time!

Sharing is fun...