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Web ads- always better by an artist

illustrated web ad

Fact: Hand crafted ads get a better response than banners using photo manipulation or vector artwork.
They’re more economic than a competent graphic designer too:
Have a look at

-artwork created for

Now that we’ve got that bit of honest propaganda out of the……

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Poster for Canterbury Clinical network

canterbury Clinical Network 02

Another one of our medical adventures. So much fun!

Sharing is fun…

Sharing is fun...

Cash Cow: a Cartoon Logo. (Making the world better, y’know?)

cash cow4

There’s this secret some people have discovered.

They tell me the best things in life are at LEAST a little bit fun.
Dang! If that was the case businesses would have funny pictures instead of poker-faced logos.
NO WAIT! Here’s one we did for a client last year!

Ha! That’s us: “, working towards Utopia since 2006…”

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Now Acceptin-Medical housecalls for your Hammond

Now acceptin med

“Obi-Wan-Drawbar’s force-ghost appeared at the console and produced an ephemeral tongue depressor. ‘Pull out your 8′ and say Ahhhhh’ he said coolly.” (An 8′ is an organ stop, a tonebar on a Hammond organ. Nothing at all improper, you understand). This was a web-ad commissioned from us at …

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Pretty POSTERS – CERA Earthquake Recovery

pigeon faded small

Another of these mini articles found unBLOGGED in the gallery…

some nice newspaper centre spreads we did a few years ago now:


Christchurch is still in the midst of Quake rebuilds.
The new city plan was established by the Christchurch Earthquake Recovery Authority, or CERA as it was known.

When your city has come down and you’ve been……

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Real Estate Visualisations

little river artists impression A4

Next up in my series of “Bonus mini articles I found in my Gallery but never posted on the Blog.” is an entry from the imaginary estates of reality…. real estate visualisations!

The investors need to see the planned building before they sign the cheque… You have the dibs on a property but don’t want to……

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