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Web ads- always better by an artist

illustrated web ad

Fact: Hand crafted ads get a better response than banners using photo manipulation or vector artwork.
They’re more economic than a competent graphic designer too:
Have a look at

-artwork created for

Now that we’ve got that bit of honest propaganda out of the……

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The Last Avatar- Ear Benders & Social Media.

mechanic icon

Just starting a new series under the label “Bonus mini articles I found in my Gallery but never posted on the Blog.”
Today? Social Media Avatars, with lots of pictures- What Ho!

You have to stand out in the hurly burly of Facebook, twitter or even the skype phonebook.
As for blogs, a good……

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The Avatar….

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What? Those blue guys filmed in 3D with the help of Weta digital? Or that cartoon of the little bald guy known as the last airbender? No, social Meda avatars.
That’s what we’re on about here.

Here’s an extract from the gallery:

You have to stand out in the hurly burly of……

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