What? Those blue guys filmed in 3D with the help of Weta digital? Or that cartoon of the little bald guy known as the last airbender? No, social Meda avatars.
That’s what we’re on about here.

Here’s an extract from the gallery:

You have to stand out in the hurly burly of Facebook, twitter or even the skype phonebook.
As for blogs, a good avatar is your point of difference.

We’ve produced quite a number of likenesses for these situations including personalised “twit” birds.
The “web mechanic” above was provided for the Left Click site designer’s blog.

Sometimes these are wholly stylised, sometimes they’re caricatures.

Here’s a fine selection:

Alan Cox Blog caricature face only

Alan Cox, leader of Left Click, Web experts.

Alan Cox Blog caricature

Alan again, the full pose was for the Blog Homepage


Brendoon th’ ‘toonist from B&N.

Brew big head

The coffee Dude. He appears to be middle eastern, and very happy with his cuppa.

custom twitter icon

And you know who this twit is.