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Another of these mini articles found unBLOGGED in the gallery…

some nice newspaper centre spreads we did a few years ago now:


Christchurch is still in the midst of Quake rebuilds.
The new city plan was established by the Christchurch Earthquake Recovery Authority, or CERA as it was known.

When your city has come down and you’ve been tasked with putting something else in its place,  good PUBLIC RELATIONS become enormously important.

Before the end of CERA’s tenure I had the pleasure to become their officially “Preferred Supplier” of things painted and drawn.

Stickers featuring the birds and fish of the city’s River Avon were commissioned as giveaways to the kids at a local event.

Large Infographic posters teaching features from the history and ecology of the river and the pending plans for the river restoration were provided as a centre spread in the newspaper and also distributed around the schools as a glossy poster.

CERA Avon River Poster 1 small

Take a closer look at the above animals, they’re an interesting cross between accurate paintings and cheeky caricatures….

Poster 2, future plans for the river. CERA, 2015

Poster 2, future plans for the river. CERA, 2015

Poster 2 detail, the north frame.

Poster 2 detail, the north frame.

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