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Website Art – when a company feels moved to relocate

Left click moving office after the quakes

Left Click was a very nice web company based in Christchurch before the quakes.
Here’s a pic commissioned as they relocated from their crumbly office.
It appeared in their blog, was worth about NZ$125 if I recall.
Love a good blog, ‘specially if its got nice pics!

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Now Acceptin-Medical housecalls for your Hammond

Now acceptin med

“Obi-Wan-Drawbar’s force-ghost appeared at the console and produced an ephemeral tongue depressor. ‘Pull out your 8′ and say Ahhhhh’ he said coolly.” (An 8′ is an organ stop, a tonebar on a Hammond organ. Nothing at all improper, you understand). This was a web-ad commissioned from us at …

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The Camera Tells Tall Tales

abe and the slaves of reason copy

A key part of Abraham Lincoln’s anti-war campaign was his travelling band “Abe and the Slaves of Reason.” They played widely to camps of Union soldiers, accompanying many of Lincoln’s more well remembered public addresses.

The popular president played a Gretsch Falcon, seen here in Maryland next to the founder of Pinkerton’s Detective agency (a strong hand……

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