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Some folks prefer PAINT- logo for Te Whakapono Trust

painted logo

It’s unusual in this era to have painted artwork for your corporate look instead of pantone-picked vectors.
As an artist, corporate logos aren’t my usual fare either- One client wanted something a bit special though, a logo captured in Paua shell and Hokitika greenstone.
That sort of thing’s a job for a painter rather than……


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Cash Cow: a Cartoon Logo. (Making the world better, y’know?)

cash cow4

There’s this secret some people have discovered.

They tell me the best things in life are at LEAST a little bit fun.
Dang! If that was the case businesses would have funny pictures instead of poker-faced logos.
NO WAIT! Here’s one we did for a client last year!

Ha! That’s us: “, working towards Utopia since 2006…”

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Sports Club mascots& Logos: The Lions

Lions Logo rework 032

Celebration Lions are the fastest growing sports club in Christchurch.
Lions are a club with a difference: No drugs, no alcohol, no swearing. Their Premiere League team is always hovering at the top of the tables, so it obviously pays off.
The club covers several other sports codes and has recently included Athletics.

Gotta love a……

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business mascots- The moving Box Guy


I feel tempted to tell you about the MOST BIZZARRE TELEMARKETING call ever (which I had this morning) but the day is RUNNING TOO FAST to type up the tale.
INSTEAD I have for you PART TWO of the “Bonus mini articles I found in my Gallery but never posted on the Blog.”

A small business……

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Mower Boys – Retro Logo with Caricature

mowerboys 002 small

The key brief for this job was to create a logo which included a caricature of the two brothers pushing a lawn mower. I was aware the boys’ grandfather had collected classic sports cars over the years, so I thought the lawn mower really ought to be something special.

It turned out that adding the hood and grille……

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Album Cover: Attack Time- Turkey in the Raw

Attack time cover

This album cover was commissioned by Chicago band “Attack Time” as a part of the Gig Grabbing Game: it seems these days sounding great is only the start of the process.

Band leader Marshall Hong wanted the artwork to follow an American Civil War subject in order to suit the band’s folk rock blend… while the logo was……

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