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Can you judge a book by a GOOD cover?

Brisket Bed and Breakfast illustration

Yup. Sure can.

(This is an approximation of the second of ten posts that went missing in action. I hope they come back alive, but until then…)

Robinne Weiss has been using the Cartoonist for a while now, and it can only cast a good reflection on her writing, I think.


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Sci fi fandom Illustration -Deep City

Doctor WHO- Deep City was commissioned to do this one for For a Doctor Who publication.
I don’t recall if it was a visualisation of a story from the books or the Radio Dramas.

At any rate, a city in an asteroid. Gotta have one of those, eh!

Sharing is fun……

Sharing is fun...

The Dragon Slayer’s Son – Book cover

book cover

Recent months have been busy with small commissions… music vids, book covers, caricatures and so on.

As you’ve now discovered I’d rather do the work than boast about it on this website!
However, the masters of marketing declare that personal pride is paramount in publicity.

I’m dying to get back to work, but here’s a tasty morsel……

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Children’s Book- Ovkors the Horse Saves Christmas

ovkors poster

Nick Draper, University professor extraordinaire wrote some stories for his kids in his spare time. I had a grand old time giving faces to the characters.

There’s Razors, the bandit chief who thought if they went around after Santa and cleaned up all the presents they’d have a bundle of fun in the bandit lair.

Farmer Sam……

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