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Time- removed from Endangered list, now “believed Extinct”

Pocket watch

Once upon a time the merry folk of England’s green and pleasant land were familiar with a beast known as “the moment.”
In fact there was such a supply of moments that they found all manner of purposes with which to employ this abundant living resource.

Throughout the 20th Century this unprotected supbspecies became increasingly decreased……

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Lookin’ in- Animations and music vids

music vid

Don’t be fooled, here’s the real vid.

Chas Williams and his session men do a nice blues!

Loved workin’ on the vid for this one ’cause  it had such a 1930’s feel to it…

Why? Photo animations!
There are no copyrights on photos before the late 30’s, so a lot of quirky, retro……

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Website Art – when a company feels moved to relocate

Left click moving office after the quakes

Left Click was a very nice web company based in Christchurch before the quakes.
Here’s a pic commissioned as they relocated from their crumbly office.
It appeared in their blog, was worth about NZ$125 if I recall.
Love a good blog, ‘specially if its got nice pics!

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Interlude for off-duty monsters

Cool summery music vid

This post comes with music. Click to play!

What does a green, creative, flat-headed monster do on his weekends?
Aside from monster gardening and respectfully attending monster-morning-prayer there’s not much left.
Except for more creative stuff.

Our suave shambler likes to croon about his favourite gal.
Thanks to Frankenhands the fretboard……

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Local Spots- The Avon River Terraces

Avon Terraces

After the great Thickshake of 2011, “Canterbury Earthquake Recovery Authority” was put in place to get the rebuild started.
They commissioned to make some nice friendly visualisations of what they’d planned along the Avon.
Apparently architects had designed these spots already, but their work was dashed hard to get hold of, let alone interpret.


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There’s GREEN in them thar Hills- TASMANIA


Every now and then ya just have to kick about with the client in person.
Just this morning TheCartoonist staff arrived back in town from meeting with a client in Tasmania.
After a dry spring they’ve just been deluged with rain and the place was GREEN!
Christchurch, NZ’s great-green garden city is more……

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More Maps- Otahuna Lodge

a3map closeup

Some time back was called on to provide a map for the guests at Taitapu’s luxury Hotel, Otahuna Lodge.
I haven’t looked lately, but this place was popping up on lists for the elite all over the world. If I recall it won top awards in one of those tasty……

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At the cartoonist!

Or bronzed off?
She certainly wasn’t gullible.

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Meet the man in charge- cartoon for CDHB presentation

cartoon-when you think you're in control

Back before the Canterbury Health board began its world-class system innovations they noticed that what was called a “system” was far from systematic.
Like an elephant who’s gotten scent of a sweet mud bath, this system seemed to be steering itself in spite of what the people in charge told it.
TheCartoonist was commissioned to……

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The Ol’ 404 error page-when your website wakes up with Amnesia

page not found small

So! for the first time ever- your website is givin’ ya 404 errors.
Whut th’ heck? That page USED to be there…

Izzit Brain Freeze?
An attack from hostile cosmic communist agents?
Is the internet developing digital alzheimers disease?
Has that mad, mundanely manky site manager made a mighty muckup?

There’s potential for any of these,……

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