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Folks, they DO listen to you- even without satire!

The NZ Inland Revenue have recently expanded the job titles for folks in the creative professions.
I’m a little bit pleased to report that this year I’ll be paying tax as a cartoonist instead of as a commercial artist!
We asked ’em a year or two back about this and it’s come to pass. Official……

Remembering the good bits: with caricatures.

I wish this one came out as a book!
A few months back I was invited to hear some anecdotes from one of Christchurch’s retired businessmen.
His eightieth birthday was nigh and he requested some entertaining “snaps” to accompany his reminiscences at the party. I got just enough information to make the drawings but was……

Meet Dan the builder- the Paintin’, Buildin’ business mascot.

The bloke from Best Trade tools came to me last year and said he wanted a graphic that any builder could identify with and consider worthy of trust.

Not “the ultimate, super builder,” mind, just a good guy. He’d welcome all to the site and make ’em feel right at home, while alerting them to the……

The Dragon Slayer’s Son – Book cover

Recent months have been busy with small commissions… music vids, book covers, caricatures and so on.

As you’ve now discovered I’d rather do the work than boast about it on this website!
However, the masters of marketing declare that personal pride is paramount in publicity.

I’m dying to get back to work, but here’s a tasty morsel……

Mower Boys – Retro Logo with Caricature

The key brief for this job was to create a logo which included a caricature of the two brothers pushing a lawn mower. I was aware the boys’ grandfather had collected classic sports cars over the years, so I thought the lawn mower really ought to be something special.

It turned out that adding the hood and grille……

Saving time with Big Heads


It’s Tutorial time, folks!

The no fuss quick-cut caricature trick (say THAT 5x fast!)
which involves gene splicing Oompa Loompas with your friends and family.

Yup, that’s just as twisted as it sounds.
Our guinea pigs in this demonstration are, or were, the Canterbury Home Educators Committee members from a couple of years back.
These fine……

We don’t play covers, just draw ’em.

The latest Gallery entry for our site: CD Covers!
Being a keen musician myself I tend to be in the right place and time to be commissioned for Album covers.

We’ve clocked up a few now.
Above is the inside cover of the cardboard sleeve for 13th Tribe’s album “feels like time.” 13th tribe……

The Camera Tells Tall Tales

A key part of Abraham Lincoln’s anti-war campaign was his travelling band “Abe and the Slaves of Reason.” They played widely to camps of Union soldiers, accompanying many of Lincoln’s more well remembered public addresses.

The popular president played a Gretsch Falcon, seen here in Maryland next to the founder of Pinkerton’s Detective agency (a strong hand……

You’re driving it, dude! The Kiwi perfection of petrol moderation.

Even by World War I the motorcar was a thirsty contraption.

The 12 step program at “Gasoholics Anonymous” is for HOBBY DRINKERS compared to the SUV’s guzzlin’ greatgrandaddies.

It took Invercargill adventurer, sporting champ and serial inventor Ernest Godward to come up with the forerunner of today’s carburettor.
His  “Vaporiser” (née Economiser) used the……

While we’re on the subject… Presents!!

Featured photo above:  For the yearbook-The Canterbury Home Schooling Committee 2014. 

Let’s pause the Kiwi inventors and get edified on the new gallery of caricatures.
remember, BRILLIANT gifts. Chrithmas cometh!
But I digreth:

Caricatures aren’t just for taking the mick outta politicians…
OR glamming up your cafe with the rich and famous.

Caricatures get commissioned as 21st gifts, Bosses have……