Best Tradie colour 007small

The bloke from Best Trade tools came to me last year and said he wanted a graphic that any builder could identify with and consider worthy of trust.

Not “the ultimate, super builder,” mind, just a good guy. He’d welcome all to the site and make ’em feel right at home, while alerting them to the latest deals.

My first draft turned out to be too much of an Alpha guy.

Best Tradie 001


Oversized jaw, maybe muscles just a little too prominent.
(I grew up drawing Superman. Think of the damage!)

Besides, after a day of real work, who has time to build show-muscle  at the gym?


I got it right the next time though, complete with product placement from the site!


The boss at Best Trade tools thought this bloke looked like a “Dan,” and he was right.Best Tradie colour 007small

Dan proved to be a generic good-guy-builder type and still appears from time to time in the news spot on the website.

Every now and then we update his speech bubble or building gear.

From Painter Dan….

Painter Dan small

Painter D.                


…To Christmas Dan!

Christmas Dan

Yuletide Building goodness.

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