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Mower Boys- Retro Logo with Caricature

mowerboys 002 small

The key brief for this job was to create a logo which included a caricature of the two brothers pushing a lawn mower. I was aware the boys’ grandfather had collected classic sports cars over the years, so I thought the lawn mower really ought to be something special.

It turned out that adding the hood and grille of a supercharged muscle car made this lawn chopper TOO much like a car. What else did we use back in the day to make our ride seem well groomed? Rear window louvres? A spoiler? Ground scraping fibreglass fenders? Ah! Halogen lamps. Great for those night time cuttin’ sessions.

The shield shape  is loosely based on the motor cross section of a reel mower and styled  for the feel of an American Taxi, Trucking or Racing team logo: the chequers communicate speed, efficiency and competence. The halfscreen dot gradient helped to bring the retro 50’s aesthetic I wanted to present.

One concern with the shield was to construct it in such a way it didn’t resemble a motorcycle gang patch!


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