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Caricatures as gifts

Happy Committee small

Featured photo above:  For the yearbook-The Canterbury Home Schooling Committee 2014. 

Caricatures aren’t just for taking the mick outta politicians…
OR glamming up your cafe with the rich and famous.

Caricatures get commissioned as 21st gifts, Bosses have portrayed staff in best light on bizcards, workers presented parting gifts to retiring bosses.

The Home School committee became bored seeing their group photograph in the yearbook and wanted something more endearing.

Authors have asked to have them added to their bio at the tail of their tales. If the source photo is good, it’s a quick and easy job to make a flattering likeness.

Authors Rose and Michelle 

from “Mother Earth and the Quakea Babies” 

Alan, boss at “Left Click” supported by the staff.

A parting gift from the guys who knew Alan would have
done the Tour de France in another life.
tonewheelgeneral-lisa-100dpiRight:  Lisa was the interceptor of telephones at the world famous “Tonewheel General” Hammond Organ and Leslie hospital. Lisa is a Morticia fan, ya know?

Left: And lastly, this fictional judge gone fly fishing was  concocted for the Canterbury Earthquake Repair Authority on their poster detailing the historic timeline of Christchurch’s Avon River. Fictional the Right Honorable  judge wedgington might be, but he was based on the real life judge FM Halford….halford 2

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