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Posters and Power Point- The Kiwi Villa

Kiwi Villa

Satire- Home Lobotomiser

home lobotomizer

Nature Art- NZ Scaup

Cartoon of NZ scaup

Painted Nature- Black Billed Gull

cartoon of black billed gull

Nature art- Paradise Shelduck

Poster for Canterbury Clinical Network

Another one of our medical adventures. So much fun!

Biz Presentation “Map”- Regenerate Christchurch

We’ve done quite a few of these now… the kind of “Map” you use in Prezi or Powerpoint to zoom into pictorial “bullet points” as you make your presentation.

This particular one was for Regenerate Christchurch in early 2017, a group responsible for overseeing parts of the quake rebuild.

DHB restructuring maps

Above: the West Coast District Health Board’s map, the first to follow CDHB’s example.

The largest portion of today’s population were born in the fifties and sixties. In fact they SIGNIFICANTLY outnumber their descendants and this poses a challenge: How will their descendants support and care for the Baby Boomers when they start to get old?


Celebrity Caricature- Mayor Bob Parker and the Airport Bosses-1

POSTERS and Maps – Christchurch PAST

christchurh past map