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Painted Logo- Te Whakapono Trust

painted logo

Cartoon Logos- Cash Cow

Mower Boys- Retro Logo with Caricature

The key brief for this job was to create a logo which included a caricature of the two brothers pushing a lawn mower. I was aware the boys’ grandfather had collected classic sports cars over the years, so I thought the lawn mower really ought to be something special.

It turned out that adding the hood and grille……

Social Media Avatars

You have to stand out in the hurly burly of Facebook, twitter or even the skype phonebook.
As for blogs, a good avatar is your point of difference.

We’ve produced quite a number of likenesses for these situations including personalised “twit” birds.
The “web mechanic” above was provided for the Left Click……

business mascots- The moving Box Guy

A small business and a sports team will learn a lot from each other. They both have a lot more fun than the “unamused” corporate giants and they build their confidence by expressing a strong team personality. Like a World War II flight crew this personality is often encapsulated in their mascot… be it mad……

Mascot/Logo- Celebration Centre Lions

Celebration Lions are the fastest growing sports club in Christchurch… but they’re a club with a difference. No drugs, no alcohol, no swearing. They’re always hovering at the top of the League tables, so it obviously all pays off.

These were a couple of prototype Logos I created for them.