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Maps- Christchurch future

Business Card 1

cartooned business card

Custom Card- Tasman Tanks Christmas

greeting card

Custom Cards-Tonewheel General 1

caricature for tonewheel general

Poster for Canterbury Clinical Network

Another one of our medical adventures. So much fun!

Cartoon Logos- Cash Cow

Web Ads – Tonewheel General Hospital

Business Mascots- meet Dan the builder!

Dan is a generic good-guy-builder type designed to appear in the news spot on the website.

From time to time we update his speech bubble or building gear.

business mascots- The moving Box Guy

A small business and a sports team will learn a lot from each other. They both have a lot more fun than the “unamused” corporate giants and they build their confidence by expressing a strong team personality. Like a World War II flight crew this personality is often encapsulated in their mascot… be it mad……

Real Estate Visualisations

The investors need to see the planned building before they sign the cheque… You have the dibs on a property but don’t want to invest in it until you have a definite buyer… you want to sell a landlord on leasing his site to you for a planned business… Some artistic flare is required to visualise……