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Monthly archives: January, 2018

Storyboarding – in full Technicolor


Early in the year some of NZ’s filmmakers found themselves with a rush commission and TheCartoonist was called midweekend to storyboard at short notice. 48 hours of work, 40 frames of film direction. Hey, let’s strut our stuff and really show what we can do at a pinch: we’ll provide ‘em in full colour and……

This is How We Do It- Staff Training at the Christchurch City Council

Staff Training

A few years back the EARTH moved under our feet and the roads in the city of Christchurch had to be redone all at once.

The Christchurch City Council, restorer of roads and footpaths, found themselves in the ultimate freakout: Numerous bituminous contractors metalling tarmac in greater count than pupae in a fly farm.
Think Sauron’s……

When is a Cheese like a potato?

The straight answer is to do with the names given to the holes in Swiss Cheese, let’s deal with that first.

(…but there are SO MANY potential answers to the above question if taken as a joke, we’ve gotta come back to that, right?)

First: The Straight Answer:

The GOOD holes in Swiss Cheese are known as EYES…….

Holidays- when one goes a hobbyin’ like a professional

music. turn it up!

See actual vid at the bottom of post…

 and New Year,
here in the Southern Hemisphere:

Former sportsmen are a’sailing,  
Geographica Fanatic are 

But the part time creator makes his mess.
On holiday,  
life is at its best.


But the poet DIDN’T mention the case of the……