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Monthly archives: October, 2017

Ain’t nothing plain on OUR Plains

canterbury plains artwork- the cartoonist

On Christchurch’s Port Hills, atop a spot known as “The Sugarloaf” stands a grand antenna sending telly to everywhere you can see.

Down below, scattered between trees and swaying grasses are the dwellings of 400,000 individuals: barely noticeable if you don’t look.
And beyond that, between this settlement and the great Southern Alps (beneath the silvery……

Can you judge a book by a GOOD cover?

Brisket Bed and Breakfast illustration

Yup. Sure can.

(This is an approximation of the second of ten posts that went missing in action. I hope they come back alive, but until then…)

Robinne Weiss has been using the Cartoonist for a while now, and it can only cast a good reflection on her writing, I think.

Here are……

Ecological Illumination- fishy biz is what it is

painted nature

The ART of Natural history- fish portraiture:

(This is an approximation of the first one of ten posts that went missing in action. I hope they come back alive, but until then…)

The Avon River still has fish, bird and plant life in spite of winding through a city of 400,000 people.

These pencil……

Victorian Time Travellin’ Sci-fi

Leela Doctor Who Big Finish

Yep, you may recognise the lady with the gun as Leela from the 70’s incarnation of Doctor WHO.
This was for a fan magazine to celebrate one of the Big Finish Radio Dramas, Ripping yarns, all of them.

The alien critter was described only as vaguely “Equine” and with armour. Was actually darned……

Poster for Canterbury Clinical network

Another one of our medical adventures. So much fun!

Silly stuff- when The wolfman shaves his noggin.

chas williams shaved wolfman

This was from a vid done for songwritin,’ pickin,’ strummin’ and wailin’ country dude Chas Williams. (see

Even everyone’s favourite wolfman finds his hairline receding… you know when it’s time for that “50 plus” close shave!

More CDHB pictorial presentations- the Canterbury Tree

CDHB Canterbury District Health Board TREE

The Canterbury District Health Board is being watched by the best government health departments around the world. For a reason…

They’re the world’s cutting edge in health-system change and in preparing for the time that the baby-boomer population has aged.
These elder folks of ours will outnumber the remaining workin’, tax paying population. They won’t have enough……

Sci fi fandom Illustration -Deep City

Doctor WHO- Deep City was commissioned to do this one for For a Doctor Who publication.
I don’t recall if it was a visualisation of a story from the books or the Radio Dramas.

At any rate, a city in an asteroid. Gotta have one of those, eh!

Education Dept. Map- tackling the Eastside of Christchurch

Map of education in east christchurch

Here’s another one of our concept maps for a government department.
This one was for the eyes of the Education Minister alone… Ed Dept folks from Christchurch were told to submit ideas of their own or go with the existing plan of flattening the schools on the east side of Christchurch and building an experimental……

Biz Presentation “Map”- Regenerate Christchurch

We’ve done quite a few of these now… the kind of “Map” you use in Prezi or Powerpoint to zoom into pictorial “bullet points” as you make your presentation.

This particular one was for Regenerate Christchurch in early 2017, a group responsible for overseeing parts of the quake rebuild.