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Monthly archives: September, 2016

You’re driving it, dude! The Kiwi perfection of petrol moderation.

Even by World War I the motorcar was a thirsty contraption.

The 12 step program at “Gasoholics Anonymous” is for HOBBY DRINKERS compared to the SUV’s guzzlin’ greatgrandaddies.

It took Invercargill adventurer, sporting champ and serial inventor Ernest Godward to come up with the forerunner of today’s carburettor.
His  “Vaporiser” (née Economiser) used the……

While we’re on the subject… Presents!!

Featured photo above:  For the yearbook-The Canterbury Home Schooling Committee 2014. 

Let’s pause the Kiwi inventors and get edified on the new gallery of caricatures.
remember, BRILLIANT gifts. Chrithmas cometh!
But I digreth:

Caricatures aren’t just for taking the mick outta politicians…
OR glamming up your cafe with the rich and famous.

Caricatures get commissioned as 21st gifts, Bosses have……

A passing clue…

A well researched reader has worked out most of the items in the above pic. There’s JUST ONE he couldn’t get, so here’s a closeup…. and another day or two to guess.

Click on the pic for a closer look

Kiwis: International Racin’ Relations

Over the last few posts we’ve been discussing one scene in the animated music video for Chas Williams’s song “Something about this place,” the scene pictured in the above image.

Above: The music vid.

Starting second from the right was a stylised atom, meant to represent the work by Kiwi Ernest Rutherford. Next to appear……

Kiwi Heroes – part 2: Atomic Kiwi

If you recall from Friday, anyone reading this is invited to guess the Kiwi innovations and innovators (pictured above) before the post which follows this one. I’ll chuck your caricature in for free to  commiserate your evidently overworked brain.

Ahhhh, Inventive Kiwi’s, THAT’S the stuff of life!

To make your guesses a……

Kiwi Heroes: World changers not often celebrated

Every country has is pool of brilliance, but I wonder if the proportion becomes higher in the smaller nations.
Here in the land of the Kiwi we don’t often celebrate our past, perhaps because we’re still so young as nations go.

We have one fifteenth the population of the UK and a similar landmass.
We’re still outgrowing our……

The Avatar….

What? Those blue guys filmed in 3D with the help of Weta digital? Or that cartoon of the little bald guy known as the last airbender? No, social Meda avatars.
That’s what we’re on about here.

Here’s an extract from the gallery:

You have to stand out in the hurly burly of……

Cards don’t hunt in packs

Over the years we’ve had to play with a number of different cards for clients. The result is a pretty good hand, covering everything from Christmas cards to business cards.

The above  card was for the web company Left Click, who wanted to give the message “we know what you’re looking for, stop monkeying with the……

Animation: Christchurch Rebuild – Accessible city meeting summary

Christchurch City is getting an extensive rebuild after the damage in the 2010/2011 quakes. Various groups including the Canterbury District Health……

Album Cover: Attack Time- Turkey in the Raw

This album cover was commissioned by Chicago band “Attack Time” as a part of the Gig Grabbing Game: it seems these days sounding great is only the start of the process.

Band leader Marshall Hong wanted the artwork to follow an American Civil War subject in order to suit the band’s folk rock blend… while the logo was……

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